1: How much does it cost ?

Annual subscription to the local RoADAR NorthEast group : £10 per year. Subscriptions are only accepted electronically ( Standing Order, Bank Transfer, Paypal etc. ) The RoSPA Advanced Driving Test is currently £67 ( or £62 if you are 25 or younger ). The RoSPA Advanced Riding Test is currently £73 ( or £68 if you are 25 or younger ). The test fee is payable (to the National RoSPA organisation) only when you apply to take the test, and includes your first year’s National membership when you pass. RoADAR National membership annual renewal (£40) members who maintain their National membership receive a free re-test every 3 years. Early retests (at your own discretion) (£56 for a Car, £51 for a Bike).

2: What do I get for my money ?

Membership subscription to RoADAR NorthEast entitles you vote in local organisational matters.
You will also be added to our list of official members so that you will be kept up to date with information and newsletters.
Only official members may participate in receiving free tutoring from our Tutors.
(with the exception of separately organised promotional events or group meetings. Such events are a perfect opportunity to go with one of our Tutors for a short demonstration or a tutored session.) We welcome visitors and guests of members to the meetings irrespective of their membership status.
Regular Guests and regular visitors are encouraged to become members of RoADAR NorthEast.
Tutors volunteer their time free of charge, and only offer regular tutoring to currently subscribed members of RoADAR NorthEast.
You are not paying for a service or product, nor are you paying for Tutors to ‘be available’. We only have as many Tutors as have volunteered to become Tutors and who have made a commitment to actively tutor other members. Some Tutors can only spare enough time to take one ‘Advanced Driving or Riding Student’ at a time. Other Tutors can tutor multiple students (having either joint or one-to-one sessions). It is for these reasons that you may have to join a waiting list for practical tutoring. The length of the waiting list can vary considerably; some students are assigned a Tutor immediately depending upon locality and how much time Tutors are able to donate.

3: How do I apply to become a member ?

You can use the online form on this website and then pay the appropriate subscription ( see the “Join Us” web page ). Alternatively, you may print off, complete and return a paper copy.
If you wish to pay by Standing Order please ask the Membership Secretary to provide a Standing Order form.
As soon as we have both your application and your subscription, you will be allocated a tutor, or added to the waiting list.

4: What types of payment do you accept ?

Paypal: Online subscriptions can be made via Paypal.
Bank Transfer: Single payments initiated manually by the member can be made on joining or for renewals.
Standing Order: Annual payments can be made via Standing Order for subscription renewals. A Standing Order Mandate will be provided by the Membership Secretary on request.

5: What are the benefits of becoming an Advanced driver or rider with RoADAR NorthEast ?

There are several benefits :

    Reduced risk of having a minor bump and / or becoming involved in a major accident
    Enjoy driving / riding “even more than before”
    Positively influence other road users by demonstrating their good driving
    Develop more confidence on the road and in everyday life too
    Lower running costs: fuel, clutch, brakes & tyres etc last longer
    Make safer & quicker progress through traffic
    One subscription gives you access to any of the Driving and / or Riding classes of vehicle that we support.

6: Do I have to renew my membership ?

If your answer to any of the following is YES, then yes, you do need to continue as a member.

    You wish to receive, or are receiving, tutoring from a RoADAR NorthEast Tutor
    You wish to volunteer to become a RoADAR NorthEast Tutor
    You wish to continue to give tutoring to RoADAR NorthEast Students
    You wish to receive information from RoADAR NorthEast
    You wish to volunteer as a committee member
    You wish to volunteer as an assistant

7: Do I have to attend the meetings?

Not if you don’t want to!
Attending the meetings is completely optional. You’ll be welcomed whenever you do attend; attend one, some, or all as and whenever you please. The meetings are friendly, social, informal & informative and offer the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people. You can see what each of the meetings has been about and you can check when future meetings will be held and what they will be all about in our Diary.

8: Do I have to do the practical training?

Not if you don’t want to!
Practical tutoring is central to becoming and advanced driver or rider, and it is the main development tool for anyone working towards the advanced test or for anyone wanting to improve their Driving or Riding. You won’t miss out on practical training if you prefer not to start immediately. It is unlikely that anyone will pass the advanced test if they have not had some practical tutoring. We offer practical tutoring to all our members and of course we actively encourage it since it is fundamental to measuring progress / improvement. We don’t rush or pressure anyone. Everything is done at your own pace.

9: Do I have to volunteer to help running the group?

Not if you don’t want to! But we encourage and welcome Volunteers as they keep RoADAR NorthEast running and vibrant.

10: Do I have to take the Advanced Test?

Not if you don’t want to! However we encourage members to take the RoSPA Advanced test as it is beneficial in many ways:

    It gives you proof of your abilities
    It gives you a graded award (Bronze, Silver or Gold) so that you can either improve on your grade next time around or be sure that you are maintaining your high standards
    Unlike other advanced Driving & Riding tests, the RoSPA test is only valid for 3 years, so you are motivated to keep your driving or riding standards high, ready for your next re-test.
    Passing at Silver level or higher enables you to become a Driving or Riding Tutor for RoADAR NorthEast
    Some insurance companies offer discounted premiums for those with RoSPA Advanced Test Pass

11: Apart from the subscription, are there other costs in joining RoADAR NorthEast?

It depends on how involved you want to be and what materials you may already have …
Prices for any ‘hidden-costs’ can vary depending on the supplier, but some typical prices are shown in brackets (in the following sections) to give you an idea.

Riding Tutors’ Fuel: Rider members receiving tuition make a contribution to their Tutor’s costs, since tutors use their own machines for the practical session (currently £10 per session)

Essential Reading
If you don’t already have the latest revisions of the relevant texts below, we recommend that you buy them, as they are essential reading for any Advanced Practitioner:

    The Highway Code (£3)
    Know Your Traffic Signs (£4)
    ROADCRAFT: The Essential Police Drivers Handbook (£15)
    Motorcycle ROADCRAFT: The Police Riders Handbook to Better Motorcycling (£13)

12: What are the costs involved in being a tutor ?

If you wish to become a RoADAR NorthEast Tutor then you will first have to pass the advanced test with a Silver or Gold grade.
In passing the test you will automatically become a member of the National RoADAR group. To continue tutoring you will have to maintain your national subscription and pass a triennial test at Silver or Gold grade
The extra costs would then be:

    The RoSPA Advanced Driving Test. Includes 1 year National membership fee when you pass.
    The RoSPA Advanced Riding Test. Includes 1 year National membership fee when you pass.
    RoADAR National membership annual renewal. Members who maintain their National membership receive a free re-test every 3 years.
    Early retests (at your own discretion).

Please see the National website http://www.roadar.org.uk for current Test and National Membership costs.

13: I would really like to ‘give something back to the group’. What volunteering opportunities are there ?

We are always eager to include more volunteers, especially those wanting to develop their skills to become RoADAR NorthEast Driving and Riding Tutors. The simplest and possibly the most effective way that to can help the group is by:
Spreading the word about RoSPA Advanced Driving and Riding to family, friends and work colleagues.
Volunteering opportunities in RoADAR NorthEast:
RoADAR NorthEast Driving and / or Riding Tutor
These opportunities are always available. To become a Driving or Riding tutor you must:

    Be willing to make a commitment to donate some of your personal time to developing students to ‘test standard’.
    Be a current subscribed member of RoADAR NorthEast.
    Be a current subscribed member of RoADAR National.
    Have passed the RoSPA Advanced Test to Grade Silver (or higher) in the classes of vehicle that to wish to tutor.
    Have completed a Tutor training course provided by RoADAR NorthEast.

RoADAR NorthEast Committee

    Be willing to make a commitment to donate some of your personal time to running RoADAR NorthEast.
    Be a current subscribed member of RoADAR NorthEast.
    Have skills that contribute to the committee role of interest.
    Be a current subscribed member of RoADAR National for the role of Chairman, Training Officer, or Secretary.

RoADAR NorthEast Assistants

Be willing to make a commitment to donate some of your personal time to supporting RoADAR NorthEast meetings & events.
Be a current subscribed member of RoADAR NorthEast.

14: What is a ‘membership year’, and when should I renew my membership ?

A membership year is the annual anniversary of your joining date.
When you join as a member, you will need to pay your membership subscription before your membership can be registered.
Membership renewal subscriptions for the following year are due before the end of your membership year. You can cancel your membership subscription at any time; however we do not provide pro-rata refunds.

15: What happens if I forget to renew my membership?

Membership renewal subs are due one year after your previous membership payment. If we don’t receive your membership renewal on time, we will lapse your membership. In this case we will keep your contact details for up to three years, in case you wish to re-join the group.
We will be pleased to welcome you back to the group if you wish to re-join any time after your membership has lapsed.
You must be a current member of the local RoADAR NorthEast Group to be covered by RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Public Liability insurance.

16: How can I contact you for more information?

At any of our regular meetings, or by email to

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