RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders

Better driving and riding in our region



Practical Training



Around fifty regional groups operate independently to promote and provide training to individuals like you, to reach a standard of Driving or Riding capable of passing the national RoADAR Advanced test.


Training for the Advanced Driving and Riding tests, uses the police ROADCRAFT system. 
The RoADCRAFT book can be bought from booksellers or suppliers on the internet and is the first place to start even before applying to join us, your local RoADAR group.  There are separate books for Driving and Riding, but the principles are the same in both.


When you apply to join your local RoADAR group, and pay your first subscription, you'll be allocated a tutor who will then help you with practical assessments and advice.  Practical sessions are arranged by mutual agreement between you and your tutor, and those sessions are opportunities to get any questions or concerns you have, answered.   And to demonstrate your improving skills !

By reading the ROADCRAFT manual, and practising the system in your everyday journeys, each tutored session will be an opportunity for feedback from your tutor and assessment of your progress.

When you and your tutor are confident that you've reached the appropriate standard, we'll encourage you to apply for the test by completing a form from the national RoADAR website, and paying the test fee to the national RoADAR organisation.  The national RoADAR organsation will then arrange the test for a time that is suitable for both you and your examiner.

For more information about the test, please click here to visit the national RoADAR website.







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